About Doctor Elango Ayush Hospital


Doctor Elango is a Siddha Herbal Medical Professional and Vedic Astrologer. He is the Director of Doctor Elango Ayush Hospital.

Doctor Elango Ayush Hospital was started in the year 1997 to give awareness, happiness and health to all. It has a team of Experts of various Traditional, Holistic and Herbal Treatments and also a team of Experts of ancient secret occult sciences. Under their supervision, Doctor Elango Ayush Hospital guides the people to get healthy, wealthy and happy life. We give Consultations, Remedies and Solutions to each and every problem that we are facing in our life. By following our advices, everyone can lead joyful life. Every person is suffering in so many ways in life. We give exact guidance to the needy people, to live happily without any suffering or disease. Disease is a part of human being’s sufferings.

We guide you to get full and permanent Remedies (or) Solutions to solve all types of your problems in life and to get relief from all types of diseases.

We adopt Specially Designed Integrated Traditional Medical Treatments (SDITMT) Technique

Nowadays, most of the people are suffering from Diabetes worldwide. Even school going children are suffering from Diabetes. It is a silent killing disease. All of us know, the Diabetes causes many serious health problems and finally goes for amputation of legs. Diabetes is preventable. By following our advices, anyone can prevent Diabetes and any Diabetic patient can get relief from Diabetes. Even Insulin dependents can stop Insulin injections..

Life history

  • Dr. Elango is an eminent Siddha Herbal Medicines Practitioner, Herbal Medicines Inventor and  Adviser. He is rendering noble services from the year of 1997 in Chennai City, India.
  • Shri Kannaiah Yogi was the Guru / Teacher of the Dr. Elango.
  • Sri Kannaiah Yogi born for the Kuruswamy couple on 29-05-1882 in the Coimbatore city of India . At a young age he longed to see the God and was fascinated by Sri Agathya Maharishi who was setting up his ashram in the middle of the blue mountain forests. Kannaiah was brought to his ashram in the Neelamalai by his representative Pulipani Siddhar.
  • For 18 years Agathya Maharishi and Pulipani Siddhar taught the four Vedas, 96 philosophies, 64 types of arts, Yogic secrets, Yantra, Tantra, Mantras of all languages, all the types of Ashtama Siddhis. All the trainings were given to Kannaiah Yogi for the spiritual growth.
  • Agathya Maharishi saw through his omniscient power that innumerable people were waiting to get spiritual growth through the teachings of Kannaiah Yogi. So he ordered Kannaiah Yogi to carry out earthly life. Kannaiah Yogi was again handed over to his parents in Coimbatore City by Shri Pulippani Siddhar.
  • Shri Kannaiah Yogi decided to pursue a career as a teacher to pursue a physical career and sought a degree in Pandit. A Vaishnava priest was conducting a class for Pandit examination at Pachaiyappan College. When Kannaiah yogi asked him to train himself for the exam, the teacher who was conducting the epic class in Ramayana shouted, “You cannot become a scholar” and pandit yelled at Kannaiah Yogi with his harsh words.
  • The next day the same harsh words sounded again to seek surprise. Kanaiah Yogi was standing outside in silence. The teacher’s eyes reddened when he heard all the students not answering to hear the explanation of the KambaRamayana conducted by the teacher yesterday. At this moment the eyed yogi standing in the doorway asked “Shall I say?” He asked politely. The priest on the verge of anger boiled over he asked is it you ? Tell me .. Let’s see ..” he roared Kannaiah Yogi closed his eyes and saw the light of wisdom and finished the KambaRamayana verses like a flood without breaking the line. The priest ran and hugged Kanaiah Yogi and shed tears of joy. He accepted the exam fee himself and made his student a “pandit”.
  • By the time Sri Kanaiah Yogi returned from the Nilgiris, Pandit Sri Kanaiah Yogi had to come to Chennai. It was his nature to make direct interpretations of new inventions operating in the physical world, and their movements, with the tricks he had learned. He went to the Chennai Central Railway Station and tried to see how the steam locomotive was working. At that time the engine was connected and a train was ready to depart from the platform.
  • He approached the ticket inspector and asked to go to the platform and see the engine in a minute or two. For that the ticket inspector spoke harsh words to him and made him stand outside. Sri Kanaiah Yogi who was standing there kept on requesting to see the engine to know how it works. despite of desperate request the ticket inspector did not agree Sri Kanaiah’ request, It took ten minutes. Ticket inspector gave the whistle and showed the green flag. The train began to depart. The train could not move, even a single feet. No matter how hard the engine driver tried, the train could not run. Railway Station officials and mechanics rushed in and tried to run the engine. They could not find out the reason for this block. The scene lasted 30 minutes.
  • Sri Kannaiah Yogi was standing nearby the ticket inspector. A railway administration employee who was watching the event, realized that Shri Kannaiah Yogi was not a normal person and he is blocking the movement of the train by using his mind power. Then that Railway employee approached the ticket inspector and got permission for Shri Kannaiah Yogi to go to the platform. After getting the permission to go to the platform, Shri Kannaiah Yogi released his mind block, which was given to struck the movement of the train. Then only the train could move from the platform. This is a type of miracle ( Siddhu ) done by Shri Kannaiah Yogi.
  • Then when Pandit Sri Kannaiah Yogi reached the room where he was staying, he got the vision of the Guru / Teacher to scatter the anger. Realizing his Siddhu(miracle)  game, Pulippani Siddhar asked, “Did you play Siddhu(miracle)? The train was  30 minutes late by your action. The people suffered lot. “So, Stop playing Siddhu (miracle) anymore,” he ordered. In his life time Pandit Kannaiah Yogi done, So many numbers of Siddus (Miracle).