Best Treatments Available for

  1. Sexual Dysfunction( Male /Female)
  2. Premature Ejaculation
  3. Endometriosis
  4. Curved Penis
  5. Small Penis
  6. Male / Female Infertility
  7. Low Sperm Count
  8. Lack or Loss of Sexual Desire
  9. Orgasm Disorders
  10. Estrogen Deficiency
  11. Painful Sex
  12. Genital Pain
  13. Sexual Aversion
  14. Dryness of Vagina

Why is sex important?

It is the law of nature that all beings created in the world, be it plant or animal, produce something like themselves and disappear. Sex is essential to the creation of life. So intercourse is an inevitable sacred act of nature.

It has some restrictions only for humans. Man has the social responsibility of education, work, money, earning and protecting his family. On this basis, choosing the partner of your choice and having sex as husband and wife is accepted and respected by the society.

What are the benefits of sex?

  1. Body and Mind of the both attain maximum pleasure only during the Sex.
  2. Healthy sex reduces stress. This enables us to live our daily life happily.
  3. People who have sex at least once a month will get immunity.
  4. As the heart beats faster during sex, the nervous system and circulatory system become active. This keeps the heart healthy for a long time.
  5. All the hormones we need for our healthful life are well secreted during sex. These also control various pains of our body
  6. Sex induces restful sleep. If married people don’t get good sleep, it could also be because they are not having good sex.
  7. If one gets full satisfaction in sex, he / she can definitely achieve ambition in this life.
  8. The world’s highest billionaires are all sexually fully satisfied persons. This is because among the seven chakras in the body, the Mooladhara Chakra and the Swadhisthana Chakra are the most important for sexual pleasure. If these two chakras are functioning strongly, the cash flow will be high in our life.
  9. Only healthful sex can give birth to intelligent, energetic and disease-free babies.
  10. Sex is not something to be ashamed of, hated and reserved. It is nature’s path to get complete bliss.

Sexual pleasure is very important to life. That is the primary.  Life becomes happy when man and woman are sexually satisfied. When they are not satisfied in sex,   problems will arise in the family in so many forms.  Impotence / femininity is a type of physical and mental problems.

There are five organs which are most important to have satisfied sex. There are 1.Brain 2.Heart 3.Liver 4.Scrotum/Uterus and 5. Nervous System.

If any of these organs affected, they will affect the sexual pleasure and function of both men and women.

The brain plays an important role in triggering our sexual desire. It is the brain that stimulates the sexual sensation within the body and commands the other organs to fulfill the corresponding desire.

After that the heart starts beating faster and its activity. Directs adequate blood flow to the male/female organs.

Then it is the liver that makes the penis twitch. When the bile produced from it reaches the penis, the sexual sensation culminates. Then the blood from the heart also mixes with the bile and strengthens the penis.

Then the sperm produced from the scrotum reaches the penis.

For all these functions to take place, the nervous system needs to function properly. The nervous system is essential for the proper functioning of all the organs for strong male / female sexual function. Male / Female can be fully satisfied with sex, only if all these work properly.

Whichever organ is affected, impotence is sure to occur. The desire for sex is firstly formed in the brain. Perhaps if there is damage to the heart, the penis will become thin and small. If the liver is affected, the penis will not be erect. In impotence due to scrotal weakness, sperm production is low. Investigate your symptoms and find a solution to your impotence problem.

Doctor Elango Ayush Hospital gives all the sex related problems of Men and Women.