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Human birth is very great than any other  living beings in this world. Man is a made of Body, Mind and Soul. If there is a 100% tune among these three factors, man will always be happy. If the tune is distrubed among these three factors, the man will be unhappy in his life. The purpose of our life is to balance our bad Karmas (deeds) done in our past lives and to enjoy this life.

To enjoy our life in this world, we should know the exact answers for the below stated three questions:

  1. Where were we, before take birth in this earth?  (where did we come from? )
  2. Why we have come to this earth ? ( What is the purpose of our life ? )
  3. After the death, where we go ? ( What about our Life, after the Death ? )

If we know the right answers for these 3 questions, we will be enlightened. If we enlightened, We will always be happy. We will not suffer due to various life problems like Financial, Health, Family and marital relationship etc., etc.,

The combined movement  of Body, Mind and Soul determines the happiness of our life in this world. One man’s life is not like another man’s life. Every human being is unique.

Now a days, the people are suffering from various Physical diseases and Mental worries. Especially family problems, problems between husband and wife. Problems due to relationships,  children,  lack of money and business, etc., people are stuck in the grip of problems.

No matter what kind of diseases you have in your body, no matter how many years they have been incurable, no matter if  they have been abandoned by doctors.  Our Specially Designed Integrated Traditional Medical Treatments Technique will give relief to you completely with herbal foods, herbal medicines, herbal oils and  with many drugless therapies.   “Doctor Elango Ayush Hospital” guides the people all over the world, to enjoy the happiest life, without any problems and diseases in this life.



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