People should enjoy all the moments of life and live happily always. To give happiness and to ward off all the sufferings of the people, this Doctor Elango Ayush Hospital gives Consultations, Remedies and Solutions to each and every problem of the people. By following our advises, everyone can lead joyful life. Nowadays, most of the people are suffering in so many ways in life. They are not aware of the exact solutions to their life problems. We give exact guidance to the needy people to live happily without any suffering or disease. Disease is also one of the sufferings of the people.

To get solutions to your Life Problems and to be happy always

Firstly, send an E-mail / Online consultation ( Video call ) to us, mentioning your life problems and your expectations clearly without any hesitation.
Your Personal & Medical Records, will be kept secret. Secrecy of your communications will be strictly maintained.
After thorough and full analysis of your problems, by using ancient oriental secret techniques, we will inform you the amount of consultation fee through E-mail / Whats App .


Consultation fee will vary from person to person according to the present conditions of the sufferer. It will be minimum 10 US Dollars.

  1. After receiving the consultation fee, we will suggest you the exact remedies to be performed to get relief from your problems/diseases, through E-mail / Online consultation ( Video call ). If you are satisfied by our suggestions, you can pay further for the required remedies and gadgets which will be given by us. On receiving your payment, we will send you the required remedies and gadgets with full instructions. You can use them properly, and get full relief from your problems/diseases.
  2. Our ancient herbs are able to solve our life problems too. Moreover, original gems have the power of solving our life problems. Our innovative product, named as Wish Fulfilling Gadget, which is made from powerful crystal and processed by ancient herbs, is a great boon to our mankind. Everyone can solve their life problems by using this Wish Fulfilling Gadget easily. It is small in size and its weight will be 3 grams only. This Wish Fulfilling Gadget will be programmed according to your needs and will be delivered to you by courier/ mail. Just by keeping it with you, in your shirt pocket or bag, as per our instructions, you can easily solve your life problems, whatever it may be. The cost of the Wish Fulfilling Gadget will vary from person to person as per the conditions, intensity and suffering ratio of the problems. Moreover, persons without any problems can also use this, to protect them from possible future problems, and to lead joyful life always.
  3. By simply using this Wish Fulfilling Gadget, everyone can get relief from various types of problems of Family, Business, Wealth, Finance, Career, Personal Life, Marital Life, Physical Health, Mental Health and others. The Gadget will help you and guide you to enjoy your whole life happily. There is no expiry date for this Gadget. The power of this Gadget will remain thousands of years. Even your sons, daughters, grand children, great grandchildren and your relatives can also use this for their full life time to live happily without any sufferings.

We suggest the exact Remedies to get rid of your problems of:-


  1. To increase the love between Husband and Wife.
  2.  To increase the understanding among family members.
  3.  To avoid misunderstanding between Mother-in-law and Daughter-in-law.
  4.  To increase love and affection among Brothers and Sisters.
  5.  To avoid the effects of Black Magic, Witch Craft, Evil Spells, Ghost Afflictions, etc,etc..
  6.  To remove the effects of Drishti (Evil Eye or Malocchio)
  7.  To Study well (for Children and Students).
  8.  To clear all your Debts.
  9.  To get relief from the afflictions of the Bad Spirits.
  10.  To clear the defects of Vasthu in your House.
  11.  To avoid all types of Accidents in your life.
  12.  To improve Memory Power and Intelligence of the Student.
  13.  To remove the ill-effects of your house, if your house is not built as per Vasthu Sasthram.
  14.  To remove Obstacles, occurring in your efforts.
  15. To protect you from Jealousy and Envy of others.
  16.  To avoid Hatred mentality.


  1. To earn more money in your business.
  2.  To remove your financial problems.
  3.  To collect your outstanding monies from your customers or Debtors.
  4.  To avoid Income tax raids and Government punishments.
  5.  To get success and Favourable Judgements in your Court Cases and other Legal litigations.
  6.  To get Loyal Employees and Staffs for your business.
  7.  To get required finance for your business purposes.
  8.  To get favours from Government Offices.
  9.  To get more Clients to your Business.
  10.  To clear the defects of Vasthu in your Office/Shop/Showroom/Factory/Godown/ Bungalow/ Estates/Lands etc., etc…
  11.  To get Victory over Enemies, Success over Competitions, Protection from Internal Politics.
  12.  To reopen your Sick Industrial Units or Factories again. To restart your closed Business again.


  1. To get more Wealth.
  2.  To purchase more Properties.
  3.  To earn more money than your requirements.
  4.  To earn more money as you like.
  5.  To get rich income from agriculture, horticulture, floriculture, coffee estates and tea estates.
  6.  To solve all types of Wealth related problems smoothly and easily.


  1. To get Finance for your personal and Business needs in nominal interest.
  2.  To get Finance for your Projects.
  3.  To become Rich (For Poor People).
  4.  To get Financial Growth to next higher level and to purchase new assets.



  1. To solve your Professional Problems.
  2. To get Promotions and Increments.
  3. To get a good job suitable to you.
  4. To prevent Back-Stabbing.
  5. To protect you from Internal Office Politics.
  6. To get Respect and Recognition from your Superiors.
  7. To control your Inferiors smoothly.
  8. To get Transfers as you like.
  9. To avoid the Tortures of your Boss, Senior officers, Department Heads or Others.


  1. To reach your Targets in your Life.
  2. To get Spiritual improvements in your life.
  3. To increase your personal Cash or Money Flow.
  4. To remove the Obstacles and Blocks in your life.
  5. To rectify Vasthu Defects or Fengshui Defects of the buildings. (No need to do any alteration or demolition in the building).
  6. To win your enemies.
  7. To remove Malefic Effects of all Planets in your Horoscope.
  8. To improve the Good Effects of all Planet in your Horoscope.
  9. To avoid Suicides.
  10. To avoid Rapes.
  11. To change yours (or) others bad characters.
  12. To get quick solution to any of your problem in life.
  13. To safeguard the Teenagers during the highly emotional period.(who are not able to distinguish between love and infatuation)
  14. To remove your Misfortunes.
  15. To protect you from being cheated by others.
  16. To protect you from Air accidents or Drowning.
  17. To get relief from Government punishments, Departmental inquiries, Court cases etc.
  18. To protect you from your Secret Enemies.
  19. To wash away your Sins.
  20. To get Real Guru (Spiritual Teacher) to guide you for your happy life.
  21. To know suitable and exact Meditation Method for you, which fulfills your requirements.


  1. To get married with suitable alliance (for your sons or daughters).
  2. To avoid Divorce between Husband and Wife.
  3. To avoid extra- marital affairs.
  4. To avoid Suspicion mentality.
  5. To satisfy your wife sexually.
  6. To satisfy your husband sexually.
  7. To beget male child.
  8. To beget female child.
  9. To get natural Painless Delivery of child.
  10. To prevent Miscarriages and Abortions in the Delivery of child.
  11. To get enough Mother’s Milk to your Baby.
  12. To get natural strength to the sagging breasts.
  13. To restore broken Conjugal relationships.


  1. To get Physical, Mental and Holistic Health.
  2. To Prevent you from the severe diseases.
  3. To get permanent relief from all types of Addictions like Drug Addiction, Taking Alcohol, Cigarette Smoking etc, etc…
  4. To remove Obesity Problem and to get Slim Body.
  5. To get permanent cure from all types of Menses Problems.
  6. To get Painless Menses Period.
  7. To get good Eye Sight.
  8. To avoid wearing Spectacles and Contact Lenses.
  9. To get full cure from all Sex Related Problems. (for men).
  10. To get full cure from all Sex Related Problems. (for women).
  11. To protect yourself from the Hazards and Bad Effects of Cell Phone Radiations.
  12. To get relief from the Karmic Diseases like Cancer, HIV/AIDS, Parkinson & Rheumatism, Brain Tumor, Epilepsy, Mental problems and Mental Disorders etc, etc…
  13. To get good and deep sleep in Nights naturally.
  14. To remove Stammering.
  15. To give up your unwanted habits.
  16. To remove Sterility, Infertility and Childlessness.
  17. To protect you from Heart and Kidney problems.
  18. To cure all types of Hereditary diseases.
  19. To Deliver your baby normally. (To avoid cesarean operation)


  1. To get full Peace of mind, Satisfaction and Happiness in your life.
  2. To remove your Worries, Anxieties and Mental tortures in life.
  3. To avoid Escapist Mentality.
  4. To avoid fear of death.
  5. To avoid Absent mind mentality.
  6. To avoid lack of interest in everyday life.
  7. To avoid Depression of mind.
  8. To change the character of blaming others.
  9. To get self confidence.
  10. To remove guilty mentality.
  11. To remove adamant, arrogant and inflexible mentalities.
  12. To remove confusions.
  13. To remove After effects of Mental or Physical Shock.
  14. To remove Mental Tensions and Strains.
  15. To remove Hopeless Mentality.
  16. To remove Greediness.
  17. To To remove Mental and Physical Exhaustion.
  18. To remove all types of Fears.
  19. To remove Possessiveness.
  20. To remove Impatience, Irritability and Extreme tension.
  21. To control your thoughts as you wish.
  22. To remove Resentment and Bitterness mentality.
  23. To get rid of Anger, Hot Temper, Short Temper, Irritability etc, etc…
  24. To get full cure from all types of Psychological Problems.
  25. To remove your Negative Thoughts and Negative characters.
  26. To remove Negative Thoughts and Negative characters of others.


  1. To Vacate Your Tenant From Your Property Smoothly