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1. Why are you not publishing the comments of your patients in your website?

Privacy is the right of an individual. Our Doctor Elango Ayush Hospital’s code of ethics gives more importance to maintain the privacy of our clients. We don’t want to display our client or client’s details to the general Public to get fame or to increase our business through their positive statements. Commercial firms use these tactics to improve their business. But we want to maintain the details of our clients as secret for the benefits of our clients. If the clients like our services, they will refer our dedicated services to the benefit of others. If they dislike our services, they will not refer our services to others. Solving life problems and curing dreadful diseases are fully come under one’s personal life matter. We don’t want to exhibit the details of our clients to promote our business. To protect their privacy and identity as secret, we are not publishing the comments of our clients in the website.

2. Why are you giving more importance to foreigners?

Really, Indians are very lucky. Spiritually, there are so many ancient sources in India to get cure from diseases and to solve all types of life problems. But, there are less chances to Non- Indians, to have these facilities. Foreigners are also suffering from lot of diseases, and lot of life problems. But foreigners have limited sources, to cure their diseases and to solve their problems. So, we want to spread the ancient Indian secret knowledge worldwide, to give relief to the suffering people. That’s why we are giving more importance to the foreigners.

3. Why are you giving more importance to Karma Theory?

Karma is a word of Sanskrit language. It means actions or deeds done by us. Good action or deed done by us is known as good karma. Bad action or deed done by us is known as bad karma. Each and every moment of our life is determined by our past karmas. i.e., each and every moment of life is determined by our good actions or bad actions done by us in our past lives. Though, we are not aware about our past karmas, they play vital role in our present life.

‘Truth is always Truth’, whether we believe it or not. Wrong doings and deep hurts, which one may have committed knowingly or unknowingly in his/her past lives cause bad karmas. These bad karmas create diseases and life problems in our present life as per the intensity of our past life bad karmas. Until these negative karmas are neutralized, no one can get cure from their diseases and no one can get relief from their life problems.

‘Invisible controls visible’ in this material world. The invisible karma functions are controlling our visible present life 100%. Whether we realize it or not, our past life karmas are controlling our present life now. To enjoy health, happiness and joy in our life, we should reduce our bad karmas. Our clinic guides our clients to reduce their bad karmas and to increase good karmas in their life to enjoy health, wealth and happiness. That’s why we are giving more importance to the Karma Theory.

4. Why are you not accepting some clients, even they are ready to pay your service charges?

Some people might have done so many severe and dreadful sins in their past lives. To enjoy health, wealth and happiness in this present life, everyone has to reduce the bad effects of his/her sins done in their past lives. Until the effects of past life bad karmas/sins are neutralized, no one can enjoy the present life. Those who are not believing and not willing to do remedies to reduce their bad karmas/sins, cannot get happiness in their life. Nobody in the world can give cure for their disease and relief for their problems. That’s why we are not accepting such types of arrogant and ignorant clients for the treatments or to solve the life problems, though they are ready to pay our service charges.

5. Does Herbal Oil Pulling remove toxins from the body?

Herbal Oil Pulling activates salivary enzymes which absorb toxins such as chemical toxins, bacterial toxins and environmental toxins from the blood and removes from the body through the tongue. Thus Herbal Oil Pulling detoxifies and purifies the entire human body.

6. Can I drink water after doing Herbal Oil Pulling?

After doing Herbal Oil Pulling, just rinse your mouth and brush your teeth before doing Herbal Oil Pulling as you normally do. You may then consume any food or drink that you want immediately.

7. How soon will I see results from Herbal Oil Pulling?

Most people claim you will see the effects of Herbal Oil Pulling in two weeks or less. With daily  use of Fast Immune Herbal Oil Pulling you can feel the result in a day.

8. Does Herbal Oil Pulling increase saliva?

Herbal Oil Pulling clears and pull all the infectious Bacterias and deadly Viruses from the mouth. It will also help by moisturizing your gums and increasing saliva production, which can reduce bad Bacteria and Viruses, gives good strength and boost good  Bacterias, as well increase immunity.

9. Can I do Herbal Oil Pull at night?

While Herbal Oil Pulling has to be performed first thing in the morning for 20 minutes after brushing your teeth and Herbal Oil Pulling has be done 3 times a day when diseases is in crucial condition, or else early morning in empty stomach and before bed is advisable.

10. Can Herbal Oil Pulling help to avoid infection?

The basic concept behind the practice is that the Herbal Oil is swished around the mouth for a 20 minutes each day. The process helps draw out infectious Bacterias and Viruses which infections the mouth and other organs of the body, our Ancient Indian Tamil Siddhars suggested Herbal Oil Pulling goes much further than what common people think., The practice works as a natural cleansing process and detoxifies our whole body in a very simplified way.

11. Is Herbal Oil Pulling good for skin?

Herbal Oil Pulling in the morning removes toxins that have accumulated the night before, preventing them from entering your bloodstream and contributing to unfavorable skin, Not only Skin but to the other parts of the body and also the all organs of our body, lives Fresh and Healthful. Herbal Oil Pulling has alleviated conditions like eczema and psoriasis, Diabetics, Heart Problems, strengthens bones, promotes hair growth, rectifies tooth decay and strengthens gums, etc., Herbal Oil Pulling is the best remedy for any kind of diseases cure and preventive for all age groups.

12. Does Herbal Oil Pulling do anything?

Herbal Oil Pulling results are endless for decades, it is an ancient practice  and boon given to us from our Ancient Indian Tamil Siddhas and our great grand ancestors. Herbal Oil Pulling involves swishing oil in your mouth to remove infectious bacteria and promote whole body hygiene. It is often associated with Siddha Technics a traditional medicine system from Tamil Nadu-India. Studies suggest that Herbal Oil Pulling can kill bad bacteria in the whole body and improve once health.

13. How does Herbal Oil Pulling draw out toxins?

Herbal Oil Pulling is believed to help in the excretion of toxic heavy metals by saliva. Oil pulling activates salivary enzymes which absorb toxins such as chemical toxins, bacterial toxins and environmental toxins from the blood and removed from the body through the tongue.

14. What happens if I Herbal Oil Pull everyday?

Tamil Indian Ancient Siddhas suggest that oil pulling will decrease harmful bacteria in your mouth, prevent plaque formation and improve both gum and whole body health and strengths your physical activity.

15. How does it improve general health?

When you stimulate your mouth, it has a positive effect in your gut also. It also helps maintain metabolism and improve the health of all organs.

16. Is Herbal Oil Pulling good for diabetes?

The benefits of  Herbal Oil Pulling are not limited to the oral cavity. In fact, according to ancient Indian Tamil Siddhas text, Herbal Oil Pulling can be used for the prevention, curative and treatment of more than 100 different diseases, which vary from headaches, migraines, thrombosis, and eczema etc., to fatal diseases such as diabetes and asthma etc..,

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