We also give treatments to all types of diseases and disorders of men, women and children to get permanent relief. Each and every medical system, practiced worldwide, has its own limits to cure the sufferers. Moreover, each and every medical system has its own merits and demerits also. Single medical system is not enough to cure the sufferers permanently in nowadays due to various unavoidable reasons.

That’s why, we apply SDITMT (Specially Designed Integrated Traditional Medical Treatments ) Technique, which contains the merits and positive factors of all the Traditional medical systems, practiced worldwide. In SDITMT Technique, we select minimum 4 or 5 systems, among the below stated 53 Medical systems, which are mostly suitable to the sufferer. All these specially selected medical systems are applied simultaneously to the sufferers to get full cure and relief, from their sufferings.

Special benefits of using our SDITMT Technique, which is handled by Doctor Elango Ayush Hospital

  • Everyone can get full relief without any side effects and after effects.
  • No severe food restrictions, No Intra muscular injections, No Intra venous injections, No any Interceptors, No punctures in the skin.
  • No need to go for gyms to do physical exercises. (Frankly speaking, you are losing your inner energy/ vital energy while doing gym practices.)
  • In most of the cases, there is no need to meet our medical experts in person. You may contact us through E-mail / Online consultation ( Video call ).
  • Treatments available for all types of health problems of men, women and children in a single place.
  • You need not search for so many specialists and experts of various medical departments and fields.
  • You can avoid surgical operations. Without surgery, you can get full cure and relief from all types of your ailments.
  • You can get treatment as Outpatient. No need to admit here as Inpatient. Can get counseling and treatment through E-mail / Online consultation ( Video call ). Required Herbal Products will be sent to your address through courier.


  • Consultation fee will vary from person to person according to the present conditions of the sufferer. It will be minimum 10 US Dollars.
  • After receiving the consultation fee, the Doctor Elango Ayush Hospital will suggest you the exact treatment method, which will give you full cure and relief.
  • If you are satisfied by our suggestions, you can pay the cost of the treatment and herbal foods required to you. On receiving required herbal foods and instructions through courier from us, you can start the treatment yourself from your home.
  • There is absolutely no need to stay here as inpatient for any of your ailments. After the treatment period, you will be free from all of your health problems and will be happy. By properly taking our treatments, you will get full health and will live happily always.
  • We give lot of ancient secret tips to live happily without any life problems and sufferings and to enjoy the whole life.
  • We give lot of ancient secret tips to prevent yourself from dreadful diseases and surgeries.
  • Many philanthropists, give donations to meet the 10 to 50% cost of the treatments and herbal products, who are availing treatments through Doctor Elango Ayush Hospital. You may pay the remaining percentage of the amount. (The percentage of the monetary help will vary from person to person as per the conditions of the sufferings of the patients).
  • 100% free of cost treatment is given to the poverty stricken people.
  • We guide you to avoid various types of life problems and all types of dreadful diseases in your life. You will enjoy happiness and full health in all the moments of your whole life.

“Prevention is better than cure, Doctor Elango Ayush Hospital makes it sure”. Your link with Doctor Elango Ayush Hospital will be a great boon, given to you, by the Almighty God for your healful life”.

Names of the Medical Systems handled by
(Doctor Elango Ayush Hospital)

No. Names of the Medical Systems
1 Acupressure Therapy
2 Acupuncture Therapy
3 Aroma Therapyy
4 Astronomy Therapy
5 Auto Suggestion Therapy
6 Ayurveda Therapy
7 Color Therapy
8 Cosmic Therapy
9 Crystal Therapy
10 Electro Therapy
11 Energy Therapy.
12 Faith Therapy
13 Fasting Therapy
14 Flower Therapy
15 Food Therapy
16 Gem Therapy
17 Herbal Oil Therapy
18 Herbal Therapy
19 Homa Therapy
20 Hydro Therapy
21 Hypnotic Therapy
22 Iridology Therapy
23 Lunar Therapy
24 Magneto Therapy
25 Manthra Therapy
26 Massage Therapy
27 Meditation Therapy
28 Mercury Ball Therapy
29 Mudra Therapy
30 Music Therapy
31 Organic Therapy
32 Pranic Therapy
33 Prayer Therapy
34 Psycho Therapy
35 Pyramid Therapy
36 Regression Therapy
37 Reiki Therapy
38 Rudhraksha Therapy.
39 Siddha Therapy
40 Solar Therapy
41 Spiritual Energy Therapy
42 Tai-Chi  Therapy
43 Tantra Therapy.
44 Thalasso Therapy
45 Unani Therapy
46 Uropathy
47 Vaccum Therapy
48 Varma Therapy
49 Vasthu Therapy
50 Vibration Therapy
51 Water Therapy
52 Yeast Therapy
53 Yoga Therapy