Body Toxins Remover



This will be in powder form. This powder is a combination of the powders of 5 types of Holy Herbs. Take 4 numbers of plastic containers having minimum 2 liters capacity. Take 1 liter warm water in each container and put 50 milligram of the given herbal powder in all 4 containers. Then, put 4 tablespoonful of salt powder in each container. Mix the herbal powder and salt powder thoroughly in the water of each bowl by using a spoon. Then, keep your right hand in one bowl and left hand in another bowl. Then, keep your right leg in one bowl and left leg in another bowl. Keep them immersed in the bowl for 20 minutes as per our instructions. After 20 minutes, take your hands and legs from the bowls and wash your hands and legs with ordinary water.
Dispose the used water of 4 bowls in the wash basins or toilet basins.
Do this practice weekly once or twice as per your convenience. By doing this practice regularly, the accumulated toxins of your body will be removed from your body easily. You will feel freshness in your body and mind. As the inner toxins of your body are removed, you will enjoy the health through your toxin free body.