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External Immunity Herbal Powder ( Immune Faster – Oil Pulling )

IMMUNE FASTER is a Herbal preparation. Its formula has been given in the scripts of the Tamil Ancient Siddhars of India. In Ayurveda it has been mentioned as Kavala Graha It will prevent and cure from all kinds of deadly contiguous Bacteria and Virus. It has been proved as a boon to keep up our general health of all age groups and also proved to be a very good Immune booster to the patients who are already in other Medical systems for curing their existing health hazards and diseases Immune Faster is prepared with 22 rare herbs which boosts our general health, physical fitness and mental health., it’s an unique Herbal supplement for external use to keep our Body, Mind and Soul always healthful

Special Benefits
1. This herbal powder can be used externally. No need to intake the powder.
2. This herbal powder increases the immunity power against all types of Diabetes, viruses, bacteria and all other types of germs which are causing various diseases.
3. We can easily protect ourselves from cold, cough, fever, Covid-19 related diseases like Mucormycosis, and other severe diseases, etc., etc.
4. It increases the required oxygen level in your body naturally. It will be useful for all ages.
5. It controls Diabetes, Blood Pressure, lung diseases, heart diseases, kidney diseases and etc., etc.
6. Those who are taking treatments for their diseases, in any System of Medicine, can simultaneously use this herbal powder. Usage of this powder will increase the speed of recovery from your diseases.
7. Those who are willing to get speedy recovery from all your chronic diseases can also use this powder.
8. Even, healthful people can also use this powder regularly, to avoid all types of severe diseases in future.
9. It increases immunity power against all types of lifestyle diseases.
10. There are no any side effects or after effects at all in the usage of this herbal powder.
How to use it ?
1. Take 500 ml of cooking oil of your choice (Preferably coconut oil, groundnut oil, sesame oil, mustard oil or any other cooking oil)
2. Put 5 grams of this herbal powder (Immune Faster), in 500 ml of your cooking oil. Stir and mix it well with a spoon. Leave it intact for one day. After this 24 hours, you can start to use this oil as per our instructions.
3. In the morning, before brushing your teeth, take 5 ml. of this oil and pour it into your mouth. Oil pulling continuously for 20 minutes. You may do anything or any work during these 20 minutes.
4. While doing this Oil pulling, you should be in empty stomach. Don’t take anything before this.
5. During this 20 minutes of Oil pulling, this oil will absorb and destroy all dangerous and unwanted viruses, bacteria and other germs, which are living in your body.
6. After 20 minutes, the oil which was put in your mouth will turn into a white soapy liquid. Do not swallow it. Spit it out from your mouth. After this, you can brush your teeth and carry on your routine works.
7. The soapy liquid you spitted out, will contain destroyed dangerous and unwanted viruses, bacteria and other germs which were living in your body.
Moreover, those will be expelled out of your body through your Breath, Motion, Urine and Sweat.
8. Use this oil 3 times a day, before breakfast, before lunch and before dinner. Actually Oil pulling three times is best, Two times is better, at least one time is good.
9. If you are using this oil before lunch and before dinner, after Oil pulling, you need not to brush your teeth. Just rinse and wash your mouth with water.
10. It will be control the Sugar level, without side effects.

(IMMUNE FASTER : 100 gms – Rs 750)

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