Herbal Wick and Lamp Oil



Instead of using chemical candles, if a person burns this herbal oil through a given herbal wick, for at least one hour daily in his home or office, one can achieve prosperity, happiness and health easily. This process also removes all the negative energies from your home or office. Moreover, this process eradicates unwanted germs, bacteria and dreadful viruses which are living invisibly in your home or office.

Starting price: Mud Lamp : 1 Number: US Dollars 4 + Courier charges.

Starting price: Pack of 10 wicks: US Dollars 2 + Courier charges.

Starting price: Herbal Lamp Oil : 1 liter: US Dollars 44 + Courier charges.


If you want to purchase any one item or two items of the above mentioned 3 items, you can purchase as per your need.